Litigation & Dispute Resolution Solicitors Cork

Litigation & Dispute Resolution Solicitors Cork*

We deal with a wide range of disputes, including contractual, property, insurance, building, software and negligence matters, as well as intra/inter company disputes of all shapes and sizes. We are experienced in acting for either Plaintiffs or Defendants.

Although the resolution of most disputes will involve litigation, we always guide our clients on the various ways a matter can be brought to a speedy and satisfactory conclusion. Court proceedings may not be the answer and we will advise a client not to litigate if their objectives can be achieved in a more efficient or cost effective way such as mediation or negotiated settlement.

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We identify the issues and what your end goal is. Everything we then do is geared towards achieving that objective. If an aggressive stance is required or if the case calls for a more conciliatory approach, we can adapt to ensure a successful outcome.

Johnson & Company Solicitors are experienced in dealing with a broad range of disputes: managed, negotiated and, where necessary, rigorously litigated with robust and relentless focus. From multi-million euro commercial disputes, to those involving private individuals – without fuss or jargon we will always keep you informed, you will always know where you stand and we will deliver for you.

Johnson & Company Solicitors can give you a fast and accurate assessment of your position and your rights. Whilst an early resolution without going to Court is always preferable, we will not hesitate to pursue a case through the Courts when required.

If you think you may need advice on any of the matters mentioned above, please feel free to give us a ring with no obligation and we can advise you on your entitlements.


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*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement

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