Inheritance Issues, Probate, Wills – Cork Solicitor

Inheritance Issues, Probate, Wills – Cork Solicitor

Welcome to Johnson & Co, Solicitors, Cork.We offer a wealth of expert knowledge and experience in the specialised field of inheritance disputes, disputed wills and trusts, and contentious probate. This may involve the formation and structure of wills and trusts and their administration as well as disputes between the executors/trustees and the beneficiaries.

We are able to offer pro-active and cost-effective solutions to what can be complicated and difficult disputes.

Johnson & Co, Solicitors have extensive experience in advising on Probate disputes. This page has some useful information about Inheritance and Disputed Estates Claims. You may also be interested in our pages about Wills, Probate and administration of estates and No will made.

While we have tried to provide some basic legal information, no website can answer all your questions. Do you live in Cork? If so please call now to book a telephone or face-to-face conversation with an experienced Cork solicitor.

Inheritance and Disputed Estates Claims

We are able to advise and, where appropriate, provide representation on:

  • Inheritance Claims
  • Claims by children of unfair treatment under section 117 of the Succession Act, 1965
  • Claims by spouses for their legal right to share
  • Claims regarding lack of testamentary capacity in the execution of Wills
  • Claims concerning undue influence in the execution of Wills
  • Improper execution of Wills
  • Interpretation of the terms of Wills
  • Claims in respect of lost Wills
  • Claims regarding agreements made with the deceased before death, particularly with regards to the disposal of the estate
  • Disputes over the identification of beneficiaries
  • Claims for and against executors and administrators
  • Removal or sanctions against executors, administrators and trustees for wilful default, misconduct or recalcitrance
  • Claims where there are allegations that the Grant has been improperly obtained

Section 117 of the Succession Act, 1965

Under Irish Law children of a deceased person may challenge the will on the basis that the parent failed in their moral duty to make proper provision for the child in accordance with his or her means. If a child is excluded from a will there is a strong chance that the will can be successfully challenged under this Law. There is no guarantee that a court will uphold the challenge however. Each case will be treated separately . There will usually be an assessment of the means of all parties to the dispute. It is highly recommended that you get advice on the matter as soon as possible because there are strict time limits applicable to making such claims. If you leave it too late you may be statute barred.


Executors and beneficiaries with questions We can help

At Johnson & Co, Solicitors we have extensive experience in advising on Inheritance and Disputed Estates Claims. For persons seeking advice either in making a claim or alternatively defending such a claim in their capacity as executors, we are pleased to assist.

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