Fees & billing

Fees & billing

Johnson and Company aim to set fees that are competitive and reflect the quality and personal services our clients receive. Depending on the legal matter, we are able to charge on an hourly or flat fee basis and often at surprisingly little cost.

We provide our clients with a breakdown of our professional fees together with any anticipated outlays in a writing at the commencement of any work or transaction. If we are unable to provide a definite fee statement, we will provide an explanatory brochure which explains the basis on which the fees will be charged.

We offer 30 minute consultations at no obligation to determine whether we are able to assist you in your legal matter, and for you to decide if you require our services. We accept cash, credit card, cheques, electronic bank transfer, and offer payment plans under special circumstances. Please call us at 021 484 7771 to set an appointment to see how Johnson and Company may best assist you. We look forward to meeting you.

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