Compensation for Back Injuries and Neck Injuries*

Compensation for Back Injuries and Neck Injuries*

Welcome to Johnson & Co, Solicitors, Cork We offer a friendly, professional and efficient service for people who have suffered injury to their neck or back.

Welcome to Johnson & Co, Solicitors, Cork We offer a friendly, professional and fast service helping people to claim compensation for personal injury.

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Injuries to neck or back can occur in a variety of situations including motor accidents, accident at work, slip and fall accidents to mention just a few.

  • Workplace accidents,*
  • Slips, trips or Falls*
  • Accidents in a public place,*
  • Road traffic accidents*,
  • Bicycle accidents*
  • Motor cycle accidents*
  • Accidents caused by dangerous or defective products*
  • Due to medical negligence*
  • Accidents abroad or on holiday*
  • Injuries to children*
  • Criminal Injuries*

In order to find someone responsible for your back or neck Injuries you need to find a firm of Solicitors who will work hard for you. At Johnson and Company Solicitors we have many years experience of handling claims for compensation for neck and back Injuries. We know who to claim from, what to claim for and how much to claim for in respect of your neck or back injury. This page has some useful information about Neck or Back Injury. You may also be interested in our pages about Accident Injury Legal Advice, personal Injuries, Back and neck injury or how to claim compensation. While we have tried to provide some basic information, no website can answer all your questions. Do you live in Cork? If so please call now to book a telephone or face-to-face conversation with an experienced Cork solicitor.


About Neck and Back Injuries*

Presumably because of their central location in our bodies the most common injury to be suffered in any accident is an injury to the neck or back or both. In many of our daily activities we use our neck and back without even thinking about them. When we are held healthy and injury free we do not think about the use of our neck or back. When we suffer an injury to neck or back we very quickly discover how important they are. Some Neck and Back Injuries get better within a few days or weeks but some last a lifetime. Johnson and Company Solicitors have over 20 years experience in successfully representing clients who have suffered short term, medium term and long term Neck and Back Injuries.

How to claim compensation for Neck or Back Injury*

Since 2004 under Irish law for the vast majority of injuries also known as personal injuries you must first apply to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board for assessment of the value of your injuries based on the nature of the injury, the length of time that you have suffered injury to date and the length of time that you are likely to suffer from the injury or injuries into the future. A legal application must be made to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board within two years of the date of the accident. Johnson & Co, Solicitors, Cork are very experienced at making the application on your behalf and advising you through the legal process


Who is responsible for Neck or Back Injury?*

Claiming against the correct party is very important under Irish law. If you make the legal claim against the wrong person or company then you may have wasted valuable time or even worse you may be too late to bring a legal claim against the correct person or company. Johnson & Co, Solicitors, Cork are very experienced at selecting the correct defendant.

We can help

Johnson & Co, Solicitors, Cork are very experienced in successfully handling many sorts for Neck or Back Injury claims. At Johnson & Co, Solicitors, Cork we are able to offer legal advice and representation in respect of a claim for for Neck or Back Injury.

*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement

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