Personal Injury Solicitors in Cork*

Personal Injury Solicitors in Cork*

We take the stress out of making a claim*.

Welcome to Johnson & Co, Solicitors, Cork. We offer a friendly, professional and fast Accident Injury legal advice service, when you want legal advice about how to initiate legal proceedings.

You might have suffered an injury due to an accident in a number of different ways such as:


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About Accident Injury*

Many accidents result in a short-term pain and discomfort and you might recover quite quickly. Some accidents result in long-term accident injury. The long-term injury can be debilitating and can :-

  • affect your ability to work,
  • affect your hobbies and past times,
  • affect your relationship with your family,
  • affect your ability to carry out normal household duties,
  • affect your ability to travel.

On the surface you may not look like somebody suffering from a long-term  accident injury but at Johnson & Co, Solicitors, Cork we understand how such injuries can profoundly affect your life.

Time limits for an accident injury*

Two years is the normal time limit for claims but it is important that you obtain legal advice as quickly as possible after such an accident or as soon as the accident injuries occur. The time limits in Irish are strict law so that the may prevent you from seeking compensation for your injuries if you leave it too late. The earlier that you seek legal advice from Johnson & Co, Solicitors, Cork you have a better chance of obtaining the necessary information to establish your legal case such as witnesses and medical evidence.

How do I claim for an accident injury*

Since 2004 under Irish law for the vast majority of injuries also known as personal injuries you must first apply to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board for assessment of the value of your injuries based on the nature of the injury, the length of time that you have suffered injury to date and the length of time that you are likely to suffer from the injury or injuries into the future. A legal application must be made to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board within two years of the date of the accident. Johnson & Co, Solicitors, Cork are very experienced at making the application on your behalf and advising you through the legal process.

Can I make the application to the Injuries Board myself?

Yes, but we strongly advise that you ask an experienced solicitor to make the application on your behalf. The Injuries Board says that you should avoid using legal representation when making the application and that using a solicitor is not necessary. However the accident Injuries Board is staffed by teams of experienced claims handlers, many with past work experience in the insurance industry. The claim is usually being made against an insurance company who are staffed by teams of experts trained to defend such claims. When your opposition is so highly organised and experienced, you should avoid trying to do it yourself.

Who is responsible for the accident injury*?

Claiming against the correct party is very important. If you make the legal claim against the wrong person or company then you may have wasted valuable time or even worse you may be too late to bring a legal claim against the correct person or company. Johnson & Co, Solicitors, Cork are very experienced at selecting the correct defendant

We can help

Johnson & Co, Solicitors, Cork have more than 20 years experience in successfully handling many sorts of accident injury claims. We are able to offer legal advice and representation in respect of a claim for an Accident Injury .

*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement

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