Bullying and Harassment advice & information from a workplace Bullying and Harassment solicitor in Cork

Bullying and Harassment advice & information from a workplace Bullying and Harassment solicitor in Cork

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Bullying and harassment in the workplace can be physically and mentally for the victim. It is our experience that many employees often endure bullying at work or harassment, unaware of the protections afforded to them by the law.

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This page has some useful information about workplace Bullying and Harassment. You may also be interested in our pages about Unfair Dismissal, Constructive Dismissal , and Employment Law.

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About Bullying and Harassment at work

Harassment at work can take many different forms, from being bullied to unwanted sexual approaches or being called racist or sexist names. The Labour Relations Commission has defined Workplace Bullying as

“repeated inappropriate behaviour, direct or indirect, whether verbal, physical or otherwise, conducted by one or more persons against another or others, at the place of work and/or in the course of employment, which could reasonably be regarded as undermining the individual’s right to dignity at work. An isolated incident of the behaviour described in this definition may be an affront to dignity at work but, as a once off incident, is not considered to be bullying.”

Examples of Bullying and Harassment may include:

  • spreading malicious rumours, gossip, or innuendo that is not true
  • excluding or isolating someone socially
  • intimidating a person

Effects of Bullying and Harassment may include:

  • Stress,
  • Anxiety,
  • Sleeplessness,
  • fatigue,
  • trauma.

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Our Approach to dealing with your bullying and harassment claim

Our lawyers have vast experience of handling workplace Bullying and Harassment claims, enabling our solicitors to empathise with individuals who have suffered Bullying and Harassment. We ensure all our clients receive a prompt, responsive and sympathetic service. Contact us today to talk about your Employment issue with one of our specialist employment solicitors

How do I make a claim for Bullying and Harassment?

Remedies for bullying or harassment include making a claim under the Unfair Dismissals Acts to the Employment Appeals Tribunal and bringing a claim to the civil courts for damages for injuries suffered as a result of bullying or harassment. A claim to the Employment Appeals Tribunal must be brought within six months and came to the civil courts must be brought within two years of the injury.

Bullying and Harassment – We can help you

If you think that you have been bullied or harassed or are currently being bullied or harassed your workplace that we can help you guide you through your legal options. Johnson & Co, Solicitors, Cork have over 17 years experience in successfully providing legal advice and legal representation in relation to workplace Bullying and Harassment. Please see our other pages on Unfair Dismissal, Constructive Dismissal, and Employment Law.

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